Course Etiquette

When playing golf, it is every player’s responsibility to leave the course in the state that they find it. Please see the course care section for more information on this. All players should also be responsible for ensuring that the required pace of play and acceptable standards of course etiquette are observed at all times.

Helpful Tips:

  • All players should move to their next shots if possible without causing delay or interference for the player who is next to play (ie. movement which is visible to player and/or interferes with the player's ability to play the shot) 
  • Players should keep aware of the distance they are behind the playing group in front and the distance they are in front of the playing group behind. 
    • ‚ÄčIf falling behind the group in front, try to make up ground if the group behind is closing the distance between you. If the group ahead of you is less in number then they are likely to pull away from you so just keep playing at a pace that allows you to enjoy your golf.
    • If the group behind is closing the gap then try to improve your pace of play if the field ahead of you is clear. If the group behind you is less in number then they are likely to catch up to you so if there is a clear field ahead of you then the courteous thing to do would be to invite them through. If your group is maintaining a good steady playing distance from the group in front, then it is the pace of the field and it is best to stay as is in terms of the playing order of the groups in the field.
  • Maintain a good pace of play
  • Exercise good course care


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Fairway Etiquette


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On the Green Etiquette


Pace of Play Etiquette



Last, but not least, avoid the disappointment of not being able to play the course due to incorrect attire. As long as you meet the Windross Farm dress standards your golfing experience with us will be complete.