Covid-19 Safety measures 


Playing Golf at Windross Farm (updated 18/01/22)

If you are feeling unwell or you have Covid symptoms, please stay home.

Covid Protection Framework - Traffic Light System

The Board continues to encourage members to be fully vaccinated as this will enable you to access club facilities to the fullest potential. However, due to our internal risk assessments and Government regulations we will be implementing the MyVaccinePass system to ensure we can operate and provide the most complete service possible.

Windross Farm will open the Clubhouse for Bar and Café Services under the MyVaccinePass  system at all stages of the Government Traffic Light System. 




  • You must use the Covid-19 tracer app on your mobile or manually sign in once per visit to the course as before.
  • Please use entrances to the Clubhouse closest to the service you are wanting to avail of. If you have not scanned in using the QR code please do so.
  • On entering the clubhouse, you must display your MyVaccinePass  to a staff member before you will be served. 
  • Everyone is encouraged to wear a face mask unless seated. 
  • Service at the bar and cafe will only be provided to members and guests who meet the Covid-19 requirements. You may be asked to re-present your MyVaccinePass  on your first service.
  • A 1 metre distancing rule will apply within the designated Clubhouse areas.
  • Please do not move any chairs or tables within the Clubhouse area, as these areas have been setup to ensure social distancing is maintained.
  • The designated Clubhouse area includes all indoor areas and the veranda in front of the Clubhouse. The veranda will be accessible from the inside sliding doors only and may be roped off accordingly to allow golfers to proceed to the 15th tee without coming into contact with those within the Clubhouse areas. Please respect this distancing.
  • We ask for your assistance and patience while our staff, members and guests get used to operating within the above rules.
  • Please return your own empty bottles to the bins provided, not the bar.
  • Used glasses, cups and plates to be returned to the tables provided. Please do not return them to the service areas.
  • If you do not hold a MyVaccinePass , you may order food on a click and collect basis by calling the café on this number 281-5494. A click and collect table will be set up for this service… No alcohol can be served.

Thank you for your assistance in following the above and enjoy our hospitality.


Risk Statement :

Please help us minimise risk to our staff, members and visitors. While some of these rules may seem awkward to some members, we are merely applying the law. Note that both the Police and WorkSafe have stated that they will be doing random checks. The Board is committed to these rules and need members to have the same level of commitment so that we can remain open. We will continue to work on ways to provide the best service we can within the legal requirements.


Help in accessing My Vaccine Pass

The quickest way to get a My Vaccine Pass is through the website My Covid Record.

Requesting your pass only takes a few minutes, and it will be emailed to you within 24 hours.