Course Care

Please note that sand buckets are compulsory



  • Players should avoid causing damage through the removal of divots when having practice swings.
  • Any divots on the course should be filled with both the replaced divot and sand.
  • Any divots on the tee blocks should be filled with sand.


Pitch Marks

  • Any pitch marks created and/or found on greens should be repaired with a pitch repair tool as demonstrated in the video.



  • Always enter the bunker at the lowest point.
  • Always exit the bunker at the lowest point.
  • Carefully fill up and smooth over all holes and footprints behind, and around, you with the rake as you exit the bunker.
  • Push back excess sand​ from the edge of the bunker.
  • Always leave rake in the flat of the bunker with the handle pointing toward the tee of the hole being played.


Flagsticks and Equipment on the Greens

  • Players should ensure that no damage to greens is caused when putting down flagsticks or equipment bags.
  • Players and caddies should ensure that they do not damage the hole by standing too close to it when handling the flagstick or removing the ball from the hole.
  • The flagstick should always be properly replaced in the hole before leaving the green.


Golf Carts

  • Golf carts must only be driven by those who have been approved to do so.
  • Golf cart users are required to abide by the rules governing the use of golf carts.


Course Preparation Right of Way

  • On competition days course management staff will make way for players to proceed.
  • On other occasions course management staff have right of way on the fairways, tees and greens and players must allow their work to proceed.
  • Players MUST NOT hit if course management staff or their machinery are in range.