LGU Medal competitions are medal competitions authorised by the Club committee each year. 


Silver Division - Handicap Indices up to 18.4

Bronze Division - Handicap Indices 18.5 to 40.4


The Bronze Medal Division is Handicap Indices 18.5 to 40.4. The number of Bronze divisions is determined as follows:

  • Up to 20 Bronze club members 1 Bronze division
  • 21 – 40 Bronze club members 2 Bronze divisions
  • 41+ Bronze club members 3 Bronze divisions


Open to all 18 Hole members


Competition Format

Medal Rounds played over 18 Holes (Net). The Medal for a division shall be awarded to the player with the lowest aggregate of best four net differentials returned in LGU Medal competitions whilst she is eligible to compete in that division.



LGU Medal Rounds



Saturday 9th March

Tuesday 12th March


Saturday 20th April


Tuesday 23rd April


Saturday 18th May


Tuesday 21st May


Saturday 22nd June


Tuesday 25th June


Saturday 6th July


Tuesday 9th July


Saturday 17th August


Tuesday20th August


Saturday 14th September


Tuesday 17th September




  • All Full Playing Members holding Handicap Indices not exceeding 40.4 are eligible to compete in the LGU. (‘Full Playing Member’ means a full, active 18-Hole member of a Club.) Players holding Local Handicaps (i.e. handicaps greater than 40.4) may compete but, subject to the above Note, must play off a Course Handicap not exceeding such as determined by a Handicap Index of 40.4. Scores returned in the LGU Medal competitions are the only ones eligible to count for the Silver and Bronze medals. Should only one player in any division compete in an LGU Medal scheduled competition round, her score must be recorded and count for LGU Medal purposes.
  • A player need not return more than four scores.
  • Subject to a Club’s ruling on playing rights for Local Handicappers, members holding Local Handicaps (i.e. Handicaps greater than 40.4) may compete but must play off a Course Handicap not exceeding such as determined by a Handicap Index of 40.4. (Note: If a Club’s ruling on playing rights for Local Handicappers does not permit them to play at the same time as the women’s competition is played, this ruling will override their eligibility to compete in the competition.)