Home Links - Nancy MacCormick


Open to all 18 Hole Members


Competition Format

Foursomes Handicap Stroke Play




Round 1

Saturday 27th April


Tuesday 30th April

Round 2

Saturday 4th May


Tuesday 7th May



Nancy MacCormick

Event-Specific Conditions:

  • Foursomes handicap stroke play, played over 18 holes on two days within a two-week period.
  • Players choose their own partners, and pairs are then drawn at random to play together.
  • The partners’ teeing off order may be changed for the second 18 holes.
  • A pair’s net score for each 18 holes is determined by deducting half the combined Course Handicaps.
  • The current Handicap Indices and Course Handicaps of both partners must be recorded on the scorecards for each 18 holes



Conditions Applying to all Women’s 18-Hole Home Links Events

Home Links events are played at home club courses with district and national winners being determined from individual club results i.e. there is no play-off at club/district level. (a) Subject to the specific eligibility criteria for any individual event (see below) the Home Links events are open to all Full Playing Members (‘Full Playing Member’ means a full, active 18- Hole member of a Club) holding a New Zealand Golf 18-Hole Handicap Index not exceeding 40.4. Subject to a Club’s ruling on playing rights for Local Handicappers, players holding Local Handicaps (i.e. Handicap Indices greater than 40.4) may compete but must play off a course handicap not exceeding such as determined by a Handicap Index of 40.4. (Note: If a Club’s ruling on playing rights for Local Handicappers does not permit them to play at the same time as the women’s competition is played, this ruling will override their eligibility to compete in the competition.)


All events, except the Nancy MacCormick Memorial Foursomes, are played concurrently.